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I’m Mad As Hell

Chris Mullin honored his former coach Lou Carnesecca – recently turned 93 and awarded the Naismith Outstanding Contributor to Basketball award – by losing to DePaul University on Lou’s namesake court 94-72, the loss dropping SJU to oh and four on the season and into dead last place in the Big East. I don’t know how the game ended – I was so disgusted that I fast forwarded through the last eight minutes, because I’ve seen this one before, having suffered through the Norm Roberts year – but judging by the final score it did not turn out well. SJ is not yet at DEFCON yet, but they’re getting there, because Georgetown is a horrible match up and after that comes Villanova and then a bunch of road games and then dook. I can’t be arsed to figure out how many losses in a row that is but carry the one it’s quite a few. If they don’t show up against GT in the same way they didn’t show up today the season is for all intents over. And considering what they did the last month, that’s a shame … During the game – for the first time this year and maybe since they lost to Delaware State or Penn State last year – I was angry and frustrated and disgusted. And not even visiting various St John’s fan forums and reading the ignorant and ill informed post-game commentary from various gym teachers that’s evidently deĀ rigueuron those forums cheered me up, as it usually does, other people’s misery and disappointment being to me like mother’s milk, or what I assume mother’s milk tastes like: my own mother that cunt couldn’t be bothered to give me the tit, she had more important things to do than feed her second born, which explains why I’m so well adjusted. Mind you, I don’t mind losing: as a St John’s fan I’ve suffered through every conceivable sort of loss there is. Billy Singleton’s technicals. Dallas Comegys free throw. Reggie Carter’s charge. Chris freaking Mullin missing the front end of a one and one that would have sent St John’s to the final four. I’ve seen it all. Which is why I watched the Seton Hall game with nary a concern: good game I thought, good try. I watched the Creighton game not once but twice, that’s how good it was, the best basketball game I’ve seen in years. Because I don’t mind losing, all I want is to watch good basketball. What I mind is caring about something involving participants who don’t care about what I care about. If horse racing comprised trainers who couldn’t be bothered to drug their animals and jockeys who couldn’t be bothered to whip the horses and races wherein the Lucchese family couldn’t be bothered to bribe the stewards, I wouldn’t watch the races. I’d watch dancing with the stars: at least Bindi Irwin and Rumer Willis and Joey Lawrence seem to give a shit about what they’re doing, and what they’re doing isn’t even what they’re good at and what they’re good at is being completely talentless vapid fuckstains. No. I’m angry and disgusted because for the first time this year – or the second time if you count the second half of the Providence game – is that the players just didn’t seem to give a shit; they didn’t seem to have an ounce of will power or self respect. I’m angry at Chris Mullin for his Brooklyn insouciance, for not trying something, anything, to light a fire under his team, which came and flat and uninterested and lackadaisical. I’m angry at his team for not caring: for not even attempting to box out, for not rebounding, for not closing out on three point shooters, for running lazy sets and settling for stupid shots. I’m angry at Shamorie Ponds for taking his enormous potential for granted, for dribbling behind his back down 20 points, for not playing defense, and especially for chucking up a moronic 35 foot three when ST John’s crawled back within four in the second half. It would have been a great shot had it gone in, stupid, except it didn’t, just like 80 percent of the other threes you’ve settled for this year. I’m angry at Justin Simon for throwing his usual three boneheaded no look passes and blowing his usual once a game if this goes in I’ll be on sport center tonight dunk. I’m angry at Batshit Ahmed for not being a better free throw shooter. I’m angry at Tariq Owens for mistaking himself for Dirk Nowinski and not eating a couple of fucking sandwiches in the off season . I’m angry at Marvin Clark for not being a couple of inches taller. I’m angry at Brian Trimble for being a freshman. At Marcus Lovett for sitting on the bench laughing while his teammates were getting punked by a bunch of milk fed veal midwestern white lumoxes. And I’m angry at Amir Alibegovic for being born, for growing up, for sullying the game of basketball by attempting to play it. Good god he fucking sucks. The only person I’m not mad at is Kassoum Yawke, he played pretty well … I’m also angry at the referees, who did not call a foul against DePaul until four minutes were left in the first half. St John’s had zero free throw attempts – ZERO FREE THROW ATTEMPTS – until 7 minutes into the second half. DePaul shot 29 free throws to St John’s 14. It’s not right. Over their last three St John’s opponents have shot 70 FTs, St John’s has shot 35. If that’s a coincidence, that’s a hell of a coincidence. Apologies to the guy who postulated a vast right wing conspiracy against Chris Mullin, I’m fully on board … Speaking of Mullin obviously it’s too early to question his hiring. Way too early: stupid Steve Lavin left him in a non tenable situation and obviously there are going to be lumps and bumps and bruises along the way.What it’s not too early to do is wonder whether Mullin is a little too comfortable being a legend who St John’s is never going to fire. I don’t doubt his credentials. I don’t doubt his basketball acumen or coaching ability. I don’t even doubt the process. I do though wonder whether if his last name was Hurley and he was oh and three staring at oh and four he’d have change defenses every once in a while, or drawn up a play o done something other than drank bubble water.

PLAYERS: Kassoum Yawke, who played two minutes against Creighton because Mullin wanted dead eye shooter Amir Aligofuckyourslef of the floor at crunch time, played 16 minutes: he has three blocks and three rebounds and score seven points. If you want to know what the rest of these bums did go look at the box score, I can’t be bothered.

NOTES: Many of you wrote, okay several, okay a couple, okay one person wrote after the Creighton game asking where the recap was. Answer: I took a mental health day, sue me. It’s been approximately a million degrees below zero where I live for about a month and it gets to you, no matter how much you drink, and I drink plenty. The only person who I feel I owe an apology to is the people who had to read the output of the guy who routinely plagiarizes my blog and presents it as his own thoughts in other venues, because you had to read his own puerile thoughts, which are stupid and ridiculous and expressed in syntax that would embarrass an ESL student.